River Adventures in Varjola Farm

River Adventures in Varjola Farm


In summertime, shooting the rapids with a rubber boat through the foaming waters of Kuusa gets your blood going! You don’t have to travel to Northern Finland to enjoy good whitewater adventures. Our rafting boats are large rubber boats and they have room for 8 persons at the same time. Each raft has a skipper who has passed a skipper’s test and knows the rapids well.

During the Three River Safari  you will enjoy three different rapids in the area: the Kuusaankoski rapids, the Kapeenkoski rapids and the Simunankoski rapids.

In wintertime you can experience the beautiful rapids of Kuusaankoski dressed in floating suits and floating down the rapids. Our professional guides will first give you instructions – and then it is off into the currants of the river.

For all these programmes the necessary equipments will be provided.