The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia

Experience Finland’s natural treasures under one roof. The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia opened in May 2013!

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is a new type of visitor centre, bringing all of Finland’s nature under one roof and closer to the visitor through both the building’s facilities and its stunning exhibitions. Nature from all over Finland can be experienced in the Helsinki region!


At Haltia’s exhibitions, you can experience the dazzling beauty of Finland’s national parks as well as familiarize yourself with the green areas and recreational options available in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The cutting-edge technology allows visitors to experience Finnish nature with senses: to see, hear and feel it. You can tour the exhibitions independently or participate in a guided tour.


Haltia offers excellent recreation and hiking opportunities for residents of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. You can hike independently on the trails in the vicinity of Haltia or on the longer hiking trails of the Nuuksio National Park, or you can request hiking advice tailored to your needs and covering hiking opportunities throughout Finland. Here you can also enjoy nature by wheelchair.


The Haltia building was designed by the architect Rainer Mahlamäki, who was inspired by the tales of Kalevala, the Finnish national epic. The design enables man and nature to come together peacefully and harmoniously. The centre signals a new era in wood building, for it is the first public building in Finland built entirely of wood. The environment has been taken into account in Haltia’s facilities and activities alike through skilful design and the latest ecological solutions. Among other features, the building is heated and cooled with energy derived from the sun and the earth.


Haltia offers an ideal setting for intimate private functions and high-quality business functions and events. The centre boasts conference services and inspiring facilities equipped with high-quality technology. You can also include nature programmes or programme services at the Nuuksio National Park in your event. In addition, the facilities may be rented for private functions, such as weddings or birthday parties.