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Silence Please

In the rush and crush of modern life, the rarities are what we value most, such as space, quiet and time. The space to breathe, a time to dream… you can find these treasures in Finland, where the lakes are many and the people are few.

hymn to cottage life

Spending your summer days in a cottage near water is like taking a crash course into Finnish mentality – nothing calms and relaxes the Finns like days spent at their summer cabin.


The land of 3 million saunas – if you want to understand Finland and its people, getting familiar with sauna is a good starting point.


How do the Northern Lights come about? Sami legend says the Fox runs across the Arctic fells and lights up the sky with sparks flying from its tail whirling up the snow. The modern Finnish term “revontulet”, the fox’s fires, derives from this myth.

more than 5 500 km of skiing tracks

Cross-country skiing is considered close to a national sport in Finland. Thousands of skiing tracks around the country ensure you can ski near any city or town. Or, if you are after complete silence in the white wilderness, you can always hire mountain skis and head off to the fell tops with no tracks whatsoever. Just make your own.

Super food

Everyman’s right in the country’s forests guarantees that you are allowed to pick almost anything your heart and mouth desires. The combination of everyman’s rights and naturally grown, nutritious food transforms activities such as hiking into delicious voyages of discovery.

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