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Sommar i Rokua

Rokua has plenty to offer all year round: you won't run out of things to do or places to explore. In the winter, you can admire the snow-capped pines, go cross-country skiing or nowshoe walking and do some ice fishing. During the summer, you can try your hand at trekking, berry and mushroom picking, fishing, and kayaking.

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Sommar i Uleåborg

When strolling around the city, you will soon realise how important role nature and outdoor activities play in Oulu.

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Seurasaari is a fascinating island and a district in Helsinki. The island is known mostly as the location of the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum.

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Tillsammans med finnarna i bastun

Om du vill förstå dig på finnarna bör du bekanta dig med den finska bastukulturen.

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Upplev hösten i Lappland

One weekend our group of young Finns took their pack-packs, sleeping bags and cameras and set out to explore the untouched wilderness of Lapland.

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