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Silence, Please

In the rush and crush of modern life, the rarities are what we value most, such as space, quiet and time.

Wild & Free

To be truly free, all you need is the untouched wilderness and a touch of madness in your blood.

Cultural Beat

Contrast is the main ingredient in Finnish cultural life, probably because everything looks and sounds different from our northern perspective.

  • Silence, Please

    Welcome to a place where the lakes are many and the people are few, to a place of treasures and dreams – where there is space to breathe.

  • For centuries, sauna has been a place for physical and spiritual cleansing, for getting bare in all senses of the word, and entering the core of humanity.


How often do you fall asleep to the sound of silence or do your morning routines in a lakeside cottage listening to birds twittering? Spending your summer days in a cottage near water is like taking a crash course into Finnish mentality – nothing calms and relaxes the Finns like days spent at their summer cabin.

  • Wild & Free

    Maybe you want to  cruise down the powdery slopes or ride a snowmobile, or perhaps shoot down rapids or board an icebreaker?

  • Finland is a cyclist’s paradise – flat roads and gently rolling hills with very little traffic. The scenery varies from lakes and forests to peaceful farmland and small villages.

skiing and snowboarding

Or why not hit the slopes? There are numerous  ski resorts in Finland with both challenging areas for the more experienced and gentle slopes for beginners.

  • Cultural Beat

    Contrast is the main ingredient in Finnish cultural life, probably because everything looks and sounds different from our northern perspective. This may explain heavy metal music played on cellos and films almost completely without dialogue.

  • Finnish design isn’t just something you see — it’s something you experience. It begins the moment you arrive, follows you everywhere and stays with you long after you’ve gone.

Get festive

Finland hosts an unbelievable number of music festivals every summer. Pick your favourite, book your ticket and get prepared to celebrate long into the white night.

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