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wild & Free

To be truly free, all you need is the untouched wilderness and a touch of madness in your blood. In the winter you can feel both as your snowmobile speeds amidst the silent spruces laden with snow.

need a Challenge?

Besides traditional forest trails, there are even more exciting routes – extensive boggy areas offer a great challenge for the off-road cyclist.


A majestic vessel, Arctic Icebreaker Sampo takes you on a truly unique cruise; the thundering sound of more than 3 500 tons of steel crushing the thick ice of the Gulf of Bothnia leaves even the most seasoned seafarers awestruck.

Refreshing? oh yes!

Quite simply, the secret of plunging into icy water lies in the feeling that surges through your body once you get out of the water. Even though lowering yourself into the water requires a certain amount of courage, the initial shock and momentary loss of feeling in your legs soon pass. As soon as you’re back on dry land your circulation kicks in and your body starts to warm up.

call of the wild

Fall in love with the winter wilderness and it could completely change your life. For many people, a dog sled is the only real way to travel in the wilderness. At least the journey is much quieter than it would be by snowmobile. All you can hear is the panting of the dogs and the swish of the runners.

enjoy the waters

Finland’s salmon rivers offer fly-fishing enthusiasts splendid opportunities to catch genuine whoppers among breath-taking surroundings. There is also the option to go white-water rafting. You’ll laugh, you’ll scream, and you’ll get wet – not to forget the inevitable adrenaline rush and huge smile.

For Everyone

Lapland’s versatile resorts offer downhill enthusiasts everything from kids’ runs to black slopes, and snow parks to backcountry exploring. The season starts in late October, and high season spans from February until the snow melts in early May. The mood in Finnish ski resorts is pleasant and far more relaxed than the crowded hot spots of, say, Central Europe – no worries about getting into a free-for-all in the lift queue or kamikaze-style overtakes on the slopes.

into the wild

It  is a well-known  fact that sausages taste better when grilled on open fire…Try trekking and hiking in one of Finland’s 37 national parks – some of Europe’s last unspoiled wilderness regions.

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