15 'Must Experience' Public Saunas in Finland

From old-school bathing houses to trendy new seaside spas, the Finnish sauna scene has something for everyone. Sauna is a beloved part of the Finnish way of life, gathering friends and families of all generations. Traditionally a small wooden hut, a sauna features a stove – or “kiuas” in Finnish – covered with rocks gently hissing after each ladleful of water. Sauna is a traditional ritual that hasn’t lost its steamy edge – quite the opposite. Thanks to a new generation of saunas, especially public ones, the tradition still thrives with contemporary saunas artfully merging rustic with urban culture. The best part of the experience is what Finns fondly refer to as ‘post-sauna bliss’ – the exhilarating feeling of having cleansed the body and the mind. Here’s a look at the 15 ‘must experience’ public saunas open for everyone. Article published in April 2020.