Pori - A West Coast Gem

Pori offers every traveller plenty to see, experience and enjoy. The seaside city by the Kokemäenjoki River, founded in 1558, boasts a colourful history. In the earlier days, European cultural influences and luxury items, such as spices, fine wines and fabrics, arrived to Western Finland via Pori.

During its history, Pori has burnt down nine times. The latest fire, in 1852, destroyed three quarters of the city’s buildings. The wide avenues that intersect the city date from this time. Their purpose was to prevent fires from spreading from one part of the city to the next. Today, Pori is a lively city with a relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for energetic leisure activities and family holidays as well as pampering and quieting down, either alone or with company. Experiences in the peaceful nature and in the vicinity of water can easily be combined with cultural events in the vibrant city centre.

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