Camping in Finland – the hidden gem of the Nordics

Imagine the first steps of a hike into an emerald green spruce forest. A cup of coffee by a blue lake when the sun rises. A kayak’s paddle softly touching the ever so gentle waves of the Baltic Sea. Coming across a herd of reindeer in a Lappish fell. This is camping in Finland. 

Nature is an essential part of any camping experience in Finland. The country’s four regions offer plenty of sights and sounds to explore by foot, bike or caravan. Sleep under the midnight sun – or under the Northern Lights, if you are venturesome enough to go camping in the wintertime! – try a cottage or have sweet dreams in a tent. Finland has a smorgasbord of options for hikers and camping enthusiasts.

Planning a camping trip to Finland?

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About Finland

Full of interesting contrasts, such as the four seasons, the Midnight Sun and winter darkness, urban and rural, East and West.

About Finland