Cruisin' the Finnish seas

How do you get a holiday within a holiday? Hop on a cruise ship and sail the beautiful Finnish coastline or try a a round trip to neighboring countries Sweden, Estonia or Russia. Eat, dine, be entertained and get a taste of what the Finnish cruise life has to offer.

Finland’s location makes it a perfect starting point for a cruise. Interesting cities such as Stockholm, Tallinn and St Petersburg are a stone’s throw away. But it’s as much about the journey as the destination. The cruises by passenger ships such as Viking Line and Tallink Silja Line offer children’s entertainment, culinary delights, comfortable accommodation and vivid nighttime entertainment. Additionally, from Finland you have the unique opportunity to travel to Russia visa-free.

You can also try an inland cruise in one of the thousands of lakes Finland has for offer or if you’re traveling in the north, experience the real life ice-breaker Sampo in Kemi. Needless to say, all cruise ships are winter-proof and sail the seas no matter what the weather or how thick the ice.

Coast and Archipelago

Coastal Finland with its stunningly beautiful archipelago offers a variety of fascinating destinations that are easy to reach.

Coast and Archipelago