Daredevil winter sports in Finland

Finland is perhaps best known for the Aurora Borealis, but we have a lot more to offer than this celestial light show, especially for sporting daredevils. With its frozen waters and deep snow, you need look no further than this beautiful country to fulfil your winter sports’ needs. Regardless of what you’re looking for, it’s highly likely that it’s waiting for you here.

Finland’s terrain is so perfect for winter sports it’s a little hard to believe sometimes. From the frozen water falls to the frozen lakes, whether you want to climb up the ice or dive beneath it, it’s here in equal measure The country’s slight hills and vast, flat expanses are ideal for alpine skiing enthusiasts or, if you prefer a bit more engine, snowmobilers. That’s not even to mention the countless areas where you can pull up your snow kite and catch some strong gales.

Winter sports are a part of Finnish blood, hardly a surprise in a country where winter can last over half the year. Whether you’re a winter sports novice or aficionado, there’s no better place to be.


Depending on location, winter in Finland begins in November and can last up to five months, with temperatures ranging from a balmy zero to a lung-freezing minus 35.