Helsinki Goes Vegan

Vegan food has become one of the biggest global trends in contemporary societies. Finland is no exception: our supermarkets have been flooding with interesting new plant-based products, more and more restaurants are becoming vegan-friendly, and our number one food export might soon be Pulled Oats. Seriously!

Being the capital, Helsinki is at the forefront of much of this. While fully vegan restaurants are still scarce, many vegetarian restaurants favour plant-based cuisine. And what’s perhaps even more delightful, almost any modern restaurant worth their salt will offer vegan alternatives alongside more traditional dishes – great for group outings and dinner with your parents.

Here is a selection of the best places to get your vegan needs tended to in Helsinki!

Words by Olli Oilinki & Katja Karjalainen / Photos by Olli Oilinki except Farang

(Photo above: Restaurant Grön)


Helsinki is a modern, pocket-sized European city known for design and high technology. Helsinki’s attractive and unique character comes from its proximity to the sea, as well as its location between the East and the West.