Tour on the Mighty Icebreaker Sampo

A majestic vessel, Arctic Icebreaker Sampo takes you on a truly unique cruise; the thundering sound of more than 3 500 tons of steel crushing the thick ice of the Gulf of Bothnia leaves even the most seasoned seafarers awestruck.

Operational since the early Sixties, Sampo ploughed open the frozen seas of Finland for trade vessels for 25 years before ending up as a tourist attraction in the northern port town of Kemi in 1987. Sampo quickly became popular with locals and visitors alike, and why wouldn’t it have: How many regular people have the chance to board an icebreaker and witness it in action?

The colossal clash between the massive bulk of steel and the thick coat of ice is an extreme experience in its own right, but it’s not all a cruise on Sampo offers.



In Lapland, swapping the hustle and bustle of ski resorts and cities to the peace and quiet of the wilderness takes mere minutes.