Water – a Pure Reason to Visit Finland

You might have heard of Finland as a land of a thousand lakes. But did you know Finland is also a land of a thousand islands and shorelines? Like forest, there is water everywhere in Finland and according to Unicef, it is the purest in the world. Lakes, ponds, rivers, islands and coastal areas form approx. 314 604 kilometres of unique waterlines.

Water is a very important element for the Finns. Here, not only the homes, but also millions of saunas and cozy cottages are located close to the water. Finns simply enjoy a life by the water and if you look at the map – who wouldn’t in a land mostly made of it? Drinking tap water is a privilege we get to enjoy on a daily basis. Pure water is part of our everyday lives in many ways.

Welcome to Finland – Drinks are on us!

About Finland

Full of interesting contrasts, such as the four seasons, the Midnight Sun and winter darkness, urban and rural, East and West.

About Finland