Winter Driving Adventures

Would you like to experience the rush of adrenaline while speeding in beautiful wintry landscape? You can head to the untouched Arctic wilderness, where you can immediately feel liberated from the stress and hectic pace of your everyday life.

You can learn how to drive in winter conditions with great rally drivers, some of them being world champions. You will learn new useful skills and have an experience of a lifetime. Ice karting is great fun for everyone ready to try their skills. Excellent long, winding tracks and frozen lakes are perfect terrain for motor sports in winter.
Driving a snowmobile is easy and fun. With this activity the excitement is combined with beautiful scenery.

Riding gear and instructions ensures your safety. You will follow your guide and enjoy. Length of trip can be adjusted to the wishes of the group. Anything from short beginner’s spins to the safaris that stretch for hundreds of kilometers, can be done. Speeding through beautiful landscapes on a machine you had never even mounted before. The thrill of it all is an exhilarating feeling that causes addiction. Sleds away!

Despite it being a wild and fun outdoor activity, there are traffic rules to snowmobiling. To preserve nature, legal trails are marked with signs while private land is a no-go unless approved by the landowner. The speed limit on trails, bogs and in forests is 60 kilometres per hour, and 80 when driving on ice.
For a snowmobile or rally car you need a valid driving license. Snow and ice karting is permitted for everyone. It is good to remember that the Finnish law prohibits driving under the influence of alcohol or any narcotic products.





Depending on location, winter in Finland begins in November and can last up to five months, with temperatures ranging from a balmy zero to a lung-freezing minus 35.