8 Handwerker-Dörfer in Finnland, die man gesehen haben muss

For a glimpse into Finland’s past and a taste of idyllic rural life, head to the country’s former ironworks and mills, where history, nature, local food and creativity are celebrated today.

In the 17th century there were more than 100 ironworks situated along the picturesque southwestern coast of Finland. While most of the historic factories and villages that sprung from them have disappeared, the few that remain have been beautifully preserved and are now home to thriving artisanal communities. Entrepreneurs, talented crafts people and outdoor enthusiasts alike have moved in, drawn to the peaceful countryside and the opportunity to embrace a sustainable, slow-paced lifestyle. Visitors will discover natural beauty, art and design, local handicrafts and food, and experience authentic Finland.


See our list of eight artisan villages that used to be former ironworks and mills. They are all worth a day or two’s visit!

Archipel und Küstenregion

Die Küste Finnlands und ihr Archipel umfassen tausende Kilometer an Küstenlinie und zehntausende Inseln. Das Inselleben und die Meereskultur gehören zu den Hauptcharakteristika der Region.

Archipel und Küstenregion