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Pulka Tour

Von 960 €

In this ski tour you ski through the fells and forests like people used to back when we didn’t have engines to power our travels.

All the things you need during the week (personal belongings and food) are packed in the pulka which you then pull behind you and off the tracks and into the wild we go!

The tour takes place mainly in the northern part of the National Park of Pallas-Yllästunturi.

The day distances are ca. 15 km. Overnights are in wilderness huts, with the exeption of first and last nights.

This tour is suitable for those with previous experience in skiing and hiking as this is a bit of a combination of both.

Wo in Finnland?


Passende Erfahrung in January, February, March, April


Fell Trek

Muoniontie 3124, 99300 Muonio