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Day-time Reindeer Farm Visit & Reindeer Safari

Dauer 3 stunden

Do you want to leave the hassle of the town behind and enjoy the silence of nature? This tour is made for you! We will drive away from the busy town and head to a hill called Porovaara, located about 20 kilometers south of Rovaniemi. When we arrive, the reindeer and sleighs with warm hides are ready for us to go on a relaxing 3-kilometer-long sleigh ride through the snowy wilderness. The sleigh ride finishes at a viewing point, where we will warm up by the open fire, grill sausages and enjoy some hot juice. At the end of the tour we will visit a big herd of reindeer that pastures nearby. Everyone can try and feed the reindeer some lichen – their favorite food!

Wo in Finnland?


Passende Erfahrung in January, February, March, April, November, December


Santa Claus Reindeer Oy

Joulumaantie 13, 96930 Rovaniemi