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Shop museum and garden

Von 5 €

The shop museum is full of original 50s and 60s packaging and advertising. The private museum is situated in Loviisa, in an authentic country shop built in the 1950s. Just by the museum is a beautiful 2000 m2 private garden in three levels full of traditional perennial flowers. Be inspired by the bountiful garden beds and the clever use of recycled materials. There is also a lovely lifestyle boutique Villi Kanala in the garden. Buy beautiful new or vintage decorations for yourself or find a perfect gift. Visit Loviisa and enjoy the lovely countryside in all seasons. Groups are welcome to visit Suomen pienin kauppamuseo by appointment. Book a one hour visit from Monday to Sunday. The museum is open in from April to September. The garden and boutique are open all year round.

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Suomen pienin kauppamuseo

Paavalinkyläntie 671, 07900 Loviisa