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Yurt with a river view

Von 140 €

This is a unique possibility to sleep next to the beautiful River view at the Arctic Circle . The cozy and warm Yurt is located 25km from Rovaniemi centrum, and is right next to a big river. Yurt is decorated with beautiful Scandinavian elements and it is warm even when the weather is cold outside. This is a place for thinking, relaxing and enjoying pure and simple things. We think this is something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime!

Yurts have glass roofs, so you can see the stars and northern lights relaxing in the bed. Next to the yurts, we have a nice outdoor open fire grill where some food can be grilled. Open fire place is also perfect for stargazing and looking for northern lights.

For your comfort, there is a new shower and toilet block near the Yurts. A Finnish wood heated Sauna can be heated for the evening by request. There is extra charge for Sauna.

Phone and WiFi are available, so if you feel too quiet or alone, you can get contact to outer world.

Wo in Finnland?


Passende Erfahrung ganzjährig


District Rovaniemi Oy

Lautavaaranpolku 35, 97280 Tapio