Night sky tour with snowshoes

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The starry sky is full of amazing stories. During this trip, you will learn to navigate according to the stars and hear stories about the mythological heroes running in the sky. You may find your own zodiac sign, spot the brightest star, and hear its many names in Arabic, Greek, and Sámi. We also see one star which is more than 600 times bigger than our own sun and we see light that has traveled 640 years to greet us.

Northern lights may also appear in the sky during the trip. Then it’s nice to lie on your back with reindeer skin, watch them dance up there in the sky, and drink some warm cranberry juice.

Walking distance is max 2 km and it takes 2 hours. Depending on snow conditions we can walk with or without snowshoes.

The minimum group size on this excursion is 4 persons. If we are unable to reach the minimum size by 6 pm the previous day, the excursion will be canceled and payment will be refunded.

Ask for other departure times, and private tours with guaranteed departures: Stargazing can also be arranged at your preferred location, even at your own cabin.

The experience made by MunPolku - MyTrail. All my trails: +358 50 5606 633

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Passende Erfahrung in January, February, December


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