Four days of pure Finnish happiness

The in-person Masterclass

at a Lakeland region resort in Finland

4 days | 4 themes | 4 coaches

Ever dreamed of a crash course for a happy lifestyle in the world’s happiest nation? Here it is – your chance to find your inner Finn. A four-day intensive course in the middle of breathtakingly beautiful Finnish summer, hosted by established experts in various fields. The Masterclass of Happiness is a totally unique in-person experience where you’ll learn the methods to finding your inner Finn. Get ready for a whole lot of Happiness.

The Happiness Mix

Food & wellbeing

Unique flavours combined with actual health benefits are the ingredients that make up Finnish food. Through hands-on cooking, recipe development and foraging sessions, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of what makes the Finns so happy when sitting down to eat.

The Happiness Mix

Health & Balance

Balance is key when it comes to figuring out your happiness journey. The Health & Balance day shows you all the essential methods to fostering your inner Finnish spirit. Let the therapeutic benefits of nature and a diverse range of outdoor activities take you closer to your inner Finn.

The Happiness Mix

Design & Everyday

Your inner Finn understands how inspirational the surrounding world can be. Urban living harmoniously coexisting with nature is not in fact utopia – let us prove that as we delve into the heart of Finnish design philosophy and learn about traditional design techniques and modern innovations.

The Happiness Mix

Nature & Lifestyle

By delving into the great outdoors and nature, you'll begin to understand your inner Finn's everyday building blocks. Through highlighting our quirky and unique ways, we invite you to discover the secrets of the Finnish lifestyle.

Be on the lookout for a more detailed programme out later in spring 2023.

Awaken your inner Finn at the Lakeland region resort

Lakeside luxury villa of your dreams

Kuru provides a unique, luxurious experience where your journey to finding your inner Finn can begin. The prestigious premises are surrounded by gorgeous Finnish nature. The lakeside villa is located in the midst of a beautiful pine forest, encapsulating you under the healing power of nature that has been proven in studies the world over.

You can experience nature everywhere at Kuru, even indoors, thanks to panoramic windows in all of the buildings. Every minute detail an the resort is designed to help you wind down and relax – fragrances, sounds and materials included.

Do sauna like a Finn and sleep like a Finn

During the Masterclass of Happiness, you’ll be staying in your own private villa.

These luxury villas let you immerse yourself into the surrounding nature. You can feel the rhythm of nature indoors as well as outdoors. This natural connection sparks your energy and improves your wellbeing. To further support your quest for resetting your mind, there are no televisions in our villas. While digital detox is a key component of the Kuru experience, we do offer in-room WiFi.

Good sleep is very important in nurturing your inner Finn. The villas introduce you to an entirely new standard of sleep that adds another dimension to your experience, with lifetime benefits to reap. We’ve worked with sleep researchers, doctors and specialists to optimise the premises, including elements such as ideal bedding and sleep patterns that support serene rest.

All the villas have a private sauna and spa where you can soak in a hot bath and take in the soothing ambience. You can even surround yourself with relaxing soundscapes or simply enjoy the silence.

What more could your inner Finn ask for?

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