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Find yourself in Finland

Journey to someplace new

Sometimes, reconnecting with your inner self and finding balance calls for an adventure to someplace new

It’s your time to plan an unforgettable summer

When it comes to exploring, Finland – our nature, the Finnish lifestyle – is perfect.  

Swim in a lake under the Midnight Sun or sleep in the middle of a forest. Spend breathtaking moments in nature and enjoy meaningful encounters, and you just might find yourself in Finland – both physically and spiritually. 

Here’s a selection of different packages for your next adventure in Finland. 

Frau genießt die finnische Natur

Find yourself going back to nature

Forests are places of relaxation, filled with silence and fresh air. Finland has 41 National Parks full of hiking routes, nature trails and campfire sites. There are thousands of lakes where you can find peace and serenity.

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