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Find yourself on a dream adventure under the magical light of the Midnight Sun.

Credits: Visit Levi

Levi - a must-see destination for all senses

Levi is a destination you’ll never forget. During the summer, you can admire the floral splendor of the fells and bathe in the golden light of the Midnight Sun. Rocks warmed by sunlight offer the perfect place to gaze upon the landscape, expanding to the horizon in all directions. If you visit Levi at the beginning of fall, you get to experience nature in its most vibrant fall colors and see the breathtaking Northern Lights up in the sky as nights get darker.

Breathe in the clean air of the northern fells and let the vast landscapes sooth your mind.
Credits : Visit Levi
Surrounded by pristine lakes and rivers, Levi makes a great destination for river rafting, fishing or canoeing.
Credits: Visit Levi

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Between the end of May to mid-July, the sun shines in Levi around the clock for a period of 45 days. It is the perfect time to enjoy Lapland and all the activities Levi has to offer from canoeing to horse riding and mountain biking, or even golfing!


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