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Pohjola Route

Discover the unique culture, pristine nature and fascinating sights on a dreamy adventure along the Pohjola Route.

Credits: Visit Oulu

Explore Pohjola Route - a path full of discoveries

Pohjola Route welcomes you to experience the extraordinary diversity of Finland. In one region, you’ll get to explore the coast and the archipelago, the wealth of forests, rivers, and lakes, as well as geological wonders. Enjoy the serenity of pure northern nature and get to know the origins of Pohjola in Finnish mythology: the region is said to be the birthplace of Finland.                                     


Travel the route by car, caravan, bicycle, or public transportation. Pick the most fascinating stopovers on the route or choose a day trip from Oulu. Get to Oulu from Helsinki by plane, train or car and start your exploration of Pohjola Route from here.

Admire the spectacular sunsets at the Nallikari lighthouse in Oulu.
Credits : Visit Oulu
Get charmed by the relaxed archipelago lifestyle on the Pohjola Route.
Credits: Visit Oulu

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Pohjola Route flaunts the diversity of pure nature in Finland. Experience the stunning landscapes on the coast and the archipelago and admire the wealth of forests, rivers & lakes, fells, and geological wonders.


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