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Hop onboard on a dreamlike adventure on the Baltic Sea.

Credits: Tallink Silja

Explore the Baltic Sea comfortably on a cruise

Modern cruise vessels and fast ferries offer comfortable transportation and access to the capital cities and interesting sights in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. In these first-class cruise ferries, you'll also find endless options for entertainment and recreation. Enjoy your time onboard visiting the excellent restaurants, various nightclubs and bars, children's playrooms, spas, and boutiques, as well as spacious cabins and lounges.
Tallink Silja's first-class cruise ferries visit the most fascinating harbors in the Baltic Sea.
Credits : Tallink Silja
The ships offer plenty of entertainment for the kids and an unforgettable experience for the whole family.
Credits: Tallink Silja

Where in Finland?

Archipelago - Helsinki

Did you know that...

Tallink Silja’s ships are the official Sea Carrier of Santa Claus and the beloved Moomin character and navigate through the largest archipelago in the world year-round.


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