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Explore Ruka Backyard with OAC skis

From 125 €
Duration 8 hours

Explore the arctic nature and the Ruka back-country with OAC skinbased skis through deep snow and arctic conditions, experiencing beautiful winter sceneries and admire the magical arctic winter. Our backcountry is just next to the Ruka ski resort. This is a very traditional Finnish ski tour. You will enjoy a slow and relaxed day in the heart of Finnish winter wonderland! You are able to enjoy views that only few in Ruka ski resort can experience, if just skiing on the slopes.

The ski tour is suitable for persons that have a basic knowledge of skiing, or snowshoeing, as well as others that have just good physics and dreaming of winter ski touring in the Finnish winter wilderness. We are staying outdoors the whole day, so you need to be comfortable to be out for few hours. You only need own outdoor clothing suitable for winter and arctic conditions and winter boots.

All participant need to be 18 yrs and if, you have eager youngsters coming along, you need to reflect the matter with us, before making reservations.

Ski tour price include OAC skinbased skis with poles, gaiters, backpack with hot drinks and tasty wraps by the camp fire, guide services, transportation, general liability insurance and VAT.

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Suitable experience in January, February, March, April, December


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Rukatuntunturintie 12, 93830 Rukatunturi
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