Kauttua Ironworks


Kauttua Ironworks is built around an iron and paper industry dating back more than 330 years. In addition to the ironworks area itself, visitors can explore the local architecture, exhibitions, cafés, and restaurants. Come and experience the historic atmosphere for yourself!

In summer, the area hosts a wide range of exhibitions and the Tallinmäki square is a busy event venue.

The area is known for its many layers of architecture, from the red ochre of the ironworks to the modernism of Alvar Aalto. The most famous Aalto site is the Terassitalo building built in 1938, which you can explore via an exhibition space. Other buildings designed by Aalto in the ironworks village include a sauna and laundry building and the Villa Aalto accommodation. The Ironworks have been designated as a built cultural heritage site of national significance by the Finnish Heritage Agency.

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