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Kelvenne Trail

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The Kelvenne Trail passes through the Päijänne National Park, taking walkers from beautiful sandy beaches to peaceful forests and tops of high eskers. It’s an easy-to-follow path with lovely views. Kelvenne is an esker island formed during the Ice Age, and effects of the Ice Age can also be seen in the eskers, kettle holes and sheltered bays. The start and end points of the Kelvenne trail are in the south of the island (Kirkkosalmi) and in the north (Likolahti), and the trail can be walked in either direction. The trail passes through the entire island, winding along beaches as well as high eskers. The total lenght of the trail is 9 km.

Kelvenne Island can be reached either by scheduled boat, taxi boat or by kayaking.

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Suitable experience in May, June, July, August, September, October


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