Guided tour in Villa Mairea

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Villa Mairea was designed by Alvar and Aino Aalto and completed in August 1939. The house is located in the area of Noormarkku Works. Aaltos designed this masterpiece as a home for their friends Maire and Harry Gullichsen. Harry Gullichsen was the CEO of the family company A. Ahlström Oy. Maire Gullichsen was a collector and a patron of the arts. Her foreign art collection is placed in Villa Mairea.

Maire Gullichsen founded Mairea Foundation in 1980. The foundation preserves the cultural values of Villa Mairea. Mairea Foundation arranges guided tours and is in charge of the collections and archives in the house. You can join a tour by making a reservation through our online booking system or by making a group reservation for your group. The visit takes approximately one hour.

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Villa Mairea

Pikkukoivukuja 2, 29600 Pori
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