History museum of the Mathildedal Iron Works


Iron Works museum is located in old, 1850s, puddling and rolling shop. The museum's collection consists of objects and devices made in Mathildedal. The puddling and rolling shop itself is a beautiful piece of achitecture.

The puddling and rolling shop was the first and most important facility in the ironworks. The building was designed by engineer Knut Theodor Pipping. The building was damaged in a fire in 1865 but was immediately repaird. Iron production ended in 1904 and after that the ironworks was used as a manufacturing facility for threshers, locomobiles and explosion engines. And those devices can now be admired in the museum.

The museum is open daily in the summer.

Entry is free.

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Suitable experience in June, July, August


Mathildedal Ruukkitehtaat

Ruukinrannantie 6, 25660 Mathildedal
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