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Ruka Scenic Gondola

From 8 €
Duration 9 minutes

Experience the peak of Ruka and the new scenic gondola also without skis. Village-2-Valley scenic gondola and Village Express chairlift takes you to top of Ruka all year round. Come to test run with a unique scenic gondola beyond the fell and see Ruka from a completely new perspective. Village-2-Valley and Village Express chairlift are also available to pedestrians and cyclists. Experience the magnificent landscape of fells and hills onboard a year round. At the top of the fell you will find more things to see and experience on foot, by bike, with skis or on a summer sled in the summer or snow racer in the winter.

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Suitable experience all year


Ruka Ski Resort

Rukankyläntie 17, 93830 Rukatunturi
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