Cakery & Café Sweet Vaasa

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We at sweet vaasa bake all of our cakes fresh and from scratch in order to create beautiful and unique delicacies that we can proudly serve to our customers. We are also known for our foody salads - we make everything from salad dressings to bread ourselves.

Our menu consists of Daily lunch that we serve Monday-Friday between 10-14, Classic Salads, Omelettes, Croissants, Club Sandwich, Filled Focaccia. Our snacks are Chia pudding and Granola. We have a lots of drink options, many special Hot chocolates, Specialty coffees, Smoothies & Soft drinks.

On the sweet side we have plenty of cake options daily, cupcakes, raw balls & cookies.

The café is situated in house Kurtenia, a lovely Jugend building that was built 1904. The building holds several independent restaurant & café business.

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Sweet Vaasa

Hovioikeudenpuistikko 11, 65100 Vaasa
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