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Päijänne National Park

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Lake Päijänne is the second largest lake in Finland. In the middle of its open waters you can find a nature lover’s treasure, Päijänne National Park, which consists of small islets and bigger islands with steep rocks or sandy eskers. It is situated in the southern part of the lake and contains around fifty islands and islets.

The very heart of the national park is Kelvenne, one of the largest and most handsome esker islands in Finland. You can explore the entire length of the esker island of Kelvenne and its varied nature shaped by the Ice Age along a 9-km hiking trail.

You can reach the national park either by cruise boat from Padasjoki, Vääksy and Sysmä, by water taxi from Padasjoki and Lehmonkärki, by canoeing or with your own boat. Parts of the national park (Pulkkilanharju esker ridge in Asikkala and the island of Päijätsalo in Sysmä) can also be reached by cycling and by car.

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