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Hyttikortteli in Riihimäki


Riihimäen Lasi started its operations in the locality in 1910. The glass factory appreciated the well-being of many employees of the glass factory and one of its forms was the workers' residential area built around the glass factory, Hyttikortteli. The apartments with their park-like surroundings were once a valuable addition to the glass factories and their families. In addition to the residential buildings, the factory also supported the employees' own home construction.

When the factory closed in 1990, its idyllic residential environment has remained almost unchanged. In addition, houses suitable for the environment have been built.

It’s lovely to walk down the narrow alleys of Hyttikortteli, sense the atmosphere of the old days and marvel at beautiful gardens with hammocks and paper lanterns.

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Lehmustie 1, 11910 Riihimäki
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