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Hiking Tour at National Park Koli, Hiidenportti and Tiilikkajärvi

Duration 4 days

Welcome to National Park Koli, Hiidenportti and Tiilikkajärvi

On a guided national park hiking trip you will enjoy magnificent scenery when trekking in unspoiled nature. When you choose a guided trip you will get much more out of your wildlife experience. With the help of a guide you will get to know the area and its history while listening to interesting stories along the way.

For this hiking trip we have chosen three national parks which differ considerably from each other: Koli, Tiilikka and Hiidenportti (Goblin’s gate). The trips are suited for travellers with average fitness and who are keen on hiking in fresh air. Welcome to an all-inclusive hiking experience!

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Suitable experience in May, June, July, August, September


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