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Magic of the Kalevala

From 95 €
Duration 3 hours

Experience the Magic of the Kalevala, the national epic of Finland, during our 3 hours program! Learn about the myths of the Kalevala, the creation of the world, and the magic of the Sampo. Find out the heroes of the Kalevala, who are shamans and have supernatural powers. Hear about the bear mythologies of the north and see an authentic-looking brown near. Listen traditional Finnish folk songs singed in the Kalevala metre and sing along. Hear music played by traditional Finnish instruments e.g. kantele and take part in folk dance. Enjoy an herbal drink with salty pastry for arrival around the campfire and mushroom pie with green salad and dessert made from forest berries at the end of the program.

Wäinölä, the venue of the program, is located in the woods, next to the Nuuksio National Park, less than 40km from the Helsinki airport and the Helsinki city center. A traditionally built log house of Wäinölä is made from hand-carved logs and iron parts are made by a local blacksmith. There is an open fireplace and around 4 long tables, there are seats for 40 people.

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Nuuksion Taika

Paratiisintie 115, 03300 Otalampi
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