Tapiola is one of Finland's 27 national landscapes full of cultural life, architecture, and shopping.

Tapiola is one of the most famous areas in Espoo, known as the Garden city and one of Espoo's five-city centers. Tapiola is located with good transport connections, less than 15 minutes from the center of Helsinki along the metro line.

The Tapiola district was founded in 1953, and already in the 1960s, Tapiola began to be considered unique and valuable in its architecture, where the urban environment is wonderfully combined with nature. Tapiola can be considered the center of Espoo's cultural life because e.g. The Espoo Culture House with its concerts and events, the Espoo City Theater with its domestic and international productions, and the WeeGee exhibition center with four museums are in the area. The largest jazz event in the Helsinki metropolitan area, April Jazz, and Espoo Ciné - the international film festival are mainly held in the Tapiola area.

Situated by Tapiola’s central pool, Original Sokos Hotel Tapiola Garden offers cozy accommodation for the whole family. There is a self-service rental shop in the central pool, where you can book a SUP board or paddle boat for use in summer. In winter, the pool serves as a popular ice rink, from where you can rent skates. Shopping and restaurant services are second to none in Tapiola. Completed in three stages, the AINOA shopping centre is now in its full glory, offering a hundred unique interior design stores, trendy fashion stores, elegant cafés, and restaurants.

Tapiola is located a few hundred meters from Espoo Waterfront Walkway, so it is easy to combine maritime Espoo and culture. You can explore the Tapiola area on your own with city walks, there are about 25 kilometers of different routes in total. Instead of walking, you can jump on a city bike and experience the area by bike. The Greater Tapiola area also includes the Otaniemi and Keilaniemi areas, which are only a few kilometers from Tapiola.

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