Cafe-Restaurant Savipakari in Leineperi ironworks

Cafe-Restaurant Savipakari is located in the historic Leineperi ironworks area in Ulvila in Western Finland. A blast furnace and a bar-iron forge are some of the attractions in the ironworks area. Blacksmithing products are made in the forge also today. The smiths' old cottages serve as workshops of the craftspeople and artists.

The Cafe-Restaurant Savipakari´s clay building was built in the 1850s and it originally served as ironworks bakery.

Savipakari and Leineperi ironworks are open during the summer season from June to the end of August.

The restaurant´s menu includes burgers and salads made from local ingredients and of course, delicious home-made donuts!

Cafe - Restaurant Savipakari are committed to saving natural resources. We have been granted an EcoCompass Certificate and Sustainable Travel Finland Certificate.


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Suitable experience in June, July, August


Kahvila-Ravintola Savipakari

Pitkäjärventie 14, 29320 Ulvila
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