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The Housing Fair in Naantali 15.7.-14.8.2022

From 10 €

he 2022 Housing Fair will be held in sunny Naantali on the magnificent island of Luonnonmaa, right next to Moomin Island. Named the Southwest Winds, the housing fair area will be completed into a lovely, maritime and nature-friendly residential area, built on steep cliffs while respecting the nature of the archipelago. The area of about 20 hectares is becoming corporate housing, holiday homes and 21 detached houses. Green areas have been left around the plots and the area will have its own solar power plant and an intelligent transformer.

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Suitable experience in July, August


Asuntomessut Naantalissa 15.7.–14.8.2022

Särkänsalmentie, 21100 Naantali
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