Leineperi Ironworks

The Leineperi Ironworks in the City of Ulvila presents a living example of the first stages of the 18th and 19th century industrialisation in Finland. Nowdays Leineperi is a well known cultural heritage site and a village of handicrafts and entrepreneurs.

The blacksmiths' old cottages serve as boutiques and workshops of the crafters and artists. The workers' communal bakery 'Savipakari' from the 1850s serves as a restaurant. You can also visit and buy products in a traditional flour mill and a blacksmith's workshop.

The village offers exciting experiences and various theme events and art exhibitions. You can also rent our locations for all kinds of gatherings, for example wedding receptions and meetings.

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Suitable experience in June, July, August


Leineperin ruukki

Pitkäjärventie 7, 29320 Ulvila
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