Canoeing under the Midnight Sun

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Duration 3 hours

Paddle on the peaceful waters of Lapland and enjoy the beauty of the midnight sun! This guided activity will offer you a unique summer arctic experience that you will long remember!

Finland is also known as the Land of a Thousand Lakes. A significant amount of the 188 000 lakes spread on its territory are located in Lapland and adorn the arctic nature with beautiful scenery. The pure and untouched landscapes here are highlighted by fantastic natural phenomenon all year round. From Autumn to Spring, the famous Northern Lights draw their green and red arches across the starry skies. In summer, the sun never sets and shines all day and all night : this is the Midnight Sun.

To enjoy the peaceful beauty of the Midnight Sun, there is no better way than paddling on some of the many lakes and rivers of Lapland. During this activity, your qualified canoe guide will teach you the basic techniques on how to canoe and will provide you with all the safety instructions needed. You will be explained how to use the paddles, how to move on water and steer your canoe, how to react if capsizing, etc. Your guide will always keep an eye on you, and will come to your aid if you are in need of help.

While paddling, you will feel the peacefulness of the nature surrounding you with the warm rays of the sun shining in the middle of the night. After a long dark winter with snow on the ground for over 6 months, the land, vegetation and animals finally have an opportunity to replenish their energy levels and relax with the abundance of life that the 24 hour sun brings with it. Steering your canoe across the lake, you will have the chance not just to get deeper into this summer harmony but also to feel completely part of it.

Once you are getting back ashore, you will be welcomed by an open fire and some typical Finnish snack. This is a good moment for your guide to show you how to build and lit a fire (without matches or lighter!) using a flint & steel.

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Suitable experience in June, July, August


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