Finlayson City Hunt

Unique team adventure takes you on a journey through the history of the Finlayson area. You will move along the charming streets, parks, and indoor areas of the old Finlayson factory area. Along the route, you will also discover stories about the Finlayson Palace, the church, the post office, and the Stable Yard, when it was still bustling with horses, drivers, grooms, and servants.

City Hunt Finlayson Area is the answer when you want a shared adventure, but the event that spans the entire central area of Tampere feels too vast. In this program, as with our other activities, everyone can participate equally - whether it's a corporate event, a team building day, or just a need for an activity in Tampere.

In this team adventure, you will travel in small groups guided by our mobile app. There is less movement than in a traditional city adventure, but there is at least as much group activity and action. And as a souvenir of your adventure, you will have unique photo and video material.

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