Taste of Lapland

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Duración 3 horas

Experience the unique nature of Lapland and learn about berries, mushrooms and reindeer year.

Lapland's summer and autumn enable a long berry and mushroom picking season. On this excursion, we look for natural products from the nearby forests and use them to season our lunch. The starting point of the trip can be arranged so that it is easy to get there with your own car or, if necessary, we will arrange transportation from the surrounding area. We will walk around reindeer herder´s areas and at the end of the trip, lunch and coffee will be enjoyed.

Program suites all ages and does not demand strong physical activity. Warm clothes are not included, but usually needed for the experience. Included into the tour, three-course lunch made out of local produts is served; please let us know any diets or allergies.

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Experiencia adecuada en June, July, August, September


Hunter of the North

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