Northern Light Reindeer Safari

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Duración 3 horas

Would you like to feel the silence of the polar night and travel in the dark forest with the reindeer? Would you like to have a chance to hunt for the the Northern Lights in the middle of nowhere?

Our Northern Light hunting trip starts from the Reindeer Park after the darkness falls. In night time our reindeer are connected to each other so you don’t have to worry about anything else but enjoy the ride.

Our route, about 6 kilometers, passes through a snowy forest and open swamp areas. During the ride we will stop at a corral, where we feed our female and calf reindeer.

Half way we will have a bit longer break and make a big fire next to a swamp. Red flames and open fire will make you feel warm and create cozy atmosphere. Around the fire you can enjoy hot berry juice or hot chocolate.

One can go a bit further from the fire place, in complete darkness, and try to hunt the Northern Lights. Swamp opens to the north and there’s no light pollution so if you are lucky, that is very good place to see the auroras.

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Experiencia adecuada en January, February, March, December


Salla Wilderness Park

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