Us and Auroras Dinner

Duración 2 horas

On the shore of a private Wolf Lake, you can enjoy a three-course meal in peace. Be ready to be disturbed by a sudden call “There they are! The Auroras!” The hut is situated 15 km from Levi centre. That is why on a clear night you have a great chance to see auroras reflected on the lake surface. No light pollution apart from some candle light inside the hut.

In between the courses while waiting for the Northern Lights you can get acquainted with reindeer life. The price includes a starter, main meal and dessert according to what is available in the season. Equipment: warm clothes and shoes (if there is lots of snow, for example in November we travel the last 1,5km from the closest road to the venue on a sled pulled by a snowmobile).

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Experiencia adecuada en August, September, October, November


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