Kilpisjärvi Nature Trip with Campfire Picnic in Summer and Fall

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Join us for a leisurely hike and campfire picnic. Explore nature with a local guide and hear the stories of the village and of everyday life in Kilpisjärvi, Arctic Lapland. This trip is carried out in summer and in autumn.

Summer in Kilpisjärvi is unique season filled with light and greenery. Summer is cool, even chilly, and the daytime temperature can drop to near zero centigrades (32 F) even in July which is our warmest month. In August the nightless nights are over, the days shorten and there's a scent of autumn in the air. The Northern Lights often offer their first appearance at the end of August.

While it is not possible to pinpoint the exact time when autumn colors are at their best, we expect them in early September. It is a delightful time for both locals and visitors to observe the rapid changes in the foliage when nature prepares itself for the approaching winter.

In October the sun is still high and the days can be pleasantly warm, but they can also be cloudy, rainy and windy. The nights are frosty and the first snowfalls cover the ground. The lake starts slowly freezing over. The village is peaceful and a veritable haven for visitors seeking a relaxing break from their urban life.

Autumn turns into early winter in November. Days grow shorter until finally the Polar Night sets in at the end of the month. The sun dips below the horizon, not to rise again until mid-January. Now is the time of the beautiful blue dusk which replaces sunlight around noon hours.

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