Bear Watching

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Duración 6 horas

We start with a one hour transfer from Kontioluola Safarihouse to away from civilization. This is where the bears walk freely in the forest crossing over the border line as they choose. At our destination with our guide we go to a safe hut where we spend the evening trying to catch a glimpse of bears. This animal has a big part in the Nordic tales of years gone by, it has many names and has been considered a sacred animal. Besides bears you may also see other wild animals like eagles and wolverines from the hut. All kinds of small birds also visit this area so there is plenty to see. The hut has been made for photographers, so you can put your camera trough a hole in a canvas to get a sharp picture. There is a dry toilet in use at the hut. The nightless night keeps the forest illuminated during the summer and we can see long into the evening as it never gets dark. During the evening we will eat picknick snacks and enjoy some warm drinks. 

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