Seal Watching Excursion on an Electric Eco-boat in Puumala Archipelago

Desde 65 €
Duración 3 horas

The Saimaa Ringed Seal is the rarest seal in the world with current population of only c. 430. Each seal can be identified by their unique fur pattern as humans can be by their fingerprints. These curious creatures can be spotted swimming or drying their fur on rocks on the shores of Lake Saimaa. Best way to see them is on a 3-hour guided excursion with our knowledgeable guide Arto who will tell you interesting facts and stories about the seals and their 8000-year history in the region.

The excursion will take place in the beautiful Puumala archipelago on our comfortable solar powered eco-boat. All excursions are sustainable and always executed with uttermost respect for the seals. The eco-boat is silent and weatherproof and is suitable for all ages. Hot beverages and pastries are served during the excursion.

The starting point is Puumala Niinisaari in spring, Puumala town centre in mid-summer and Sahanlahti Resort in late summer.

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