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Follow your guide into the forest to pick up fresh mushrooms and berries as you get with each step deeper into the magical forest. In the forest, which is covered by a thick layer of snow for more than 8 months of the year, you will find a lot of arctic natural products and have a chance to enjoy the wilderness.

Learn how to cook the collected mushrooms into tasty Lappish food. After having lunch and some snacks, head back into the forest again to go fishing and swimming in the calm and beautiful Lappish nature. Gathering around a campfire, experience the local way to grill salmon with birch wood for lunch.

There is room to roam in the woods and you should seize the opportunity to spend some time there and feel the peacefulness of the Finnish forest. In the evening, you will relax in a Finnish traditional sauna in a lakeside wooden cottage. Sit back, relax and get warm in the gentle heat. To end a day of activity in Finnish Lapland,enjoy the amazing sunset from the shore of the lake.


The best picking season for most mushrooms and berries runs from late July to early October.

Mushroom season can start as early as mid-May when the first mushrooms begin to emerge, but the serious picking doesn’t start until the same time as berry-picking season.

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